Top 7 Google Services You Never Knew Existed

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Google Services

Google is providing almost all the services that people use in their daily life from internet searchings to watching videos on YouTube, using Gmail to send e-mails, and even the smartphone operating system Android. Google has more than 271 other services like Google Search, Google Maps, Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Excel, etc. Most of the services are unknown to many users. Let’s find out about some of the unknown useful Google services.

1. Google Shopping

Although e-commerce or online shopping is one of the most popular mediums in the world, to purchase a product at an affordable price, the customer has to visit various websites which is quite a time-consuming task. To facilitate the online shopping journey of customers, Google is providing a free platform called “Google Shopping“.

Moreover, Google Shopping offers facilities like product search, price comparison, and direct purchase of the product from the seller’s website. When a product is searched on Google Shopping, results are displayed based on the user’s Google activity, relevant information, and preferences, which makes it much easier for the customer to find out the product of their choice at an affordable price.

Google Shopping is also an effective platform for online retailers to promote their products. By using the Google Ad feature, they can increase their visibility to their target customers. The platform allows retailers to list their products for free. Although Google deducts a certain amount of commission for each product purchase.

2. Think With Google

Marketers are needed to stay updated about industry growth, opportunities, targeted customers, and market trends to grow their business. “Think with Google” is a one-stop solution for marketers. This platform provides information on industry trends and customer behavior to marketers, which helps brands to compete in a competitive market.

The platform collects and compiles each piece of information from their search engines and research studies. The data is organized into different sections including “latest insights” and “planning tools” so that the necessary articles can be easily found. Each report on this platform is decorated with data and infographics, which helps the reader to get a good idea about the market and to implement it in business.

3. Google Podcast

Nowadays, podcasts have become a very popular medium for entertainment, starting from discussing various topics. Spotify, iTunes, and Apple Podcast are popular podcast platforms, similarly, Google has its own podcast platform called Google Podcast. Using the platform, users can listen to all kinds of content for free, from celebrity interviews to songs of their choice. Besides, various brands can reach their target audience through storytelling using Google Podcasts.

Users can also create their own audio library according to their choice in the Google Podcast app. Apart from that, as the audios are pre-listed by category, users can easily find their preferred category podcasts. The Google Podcast app is available on both Android and iPhone platforms. According to Android Police, by the end of 2021, more than 100 million people have installed this app.

4. Digital Garage

Google’s “Digital Garage” platform is an online learning platform that offers digital marketing, career development, coding, and machine learning-related courses to users. Using this platform, students and business owners can develop a variety of skills related to digital marketing strategies through video tutorials and face-to-face training.

Currently, there are more than 100 free and paid courses in the digital garage, which are designed through consultation with the world’s leading employers, industry experts, and top entrepreneurs. The platform also provides the facility to design lesson plans according to the preference of the users.

At the end of each lesson, users have to participate in a test that is created based on that lesson, through which Google can track users’ progress. All smartphone and tablet users can access basic knowledge of digital marketing and also achieve certificates from Google and IAB Europe.

5. Grasshopper

Grasshopper, a free interactive education platform developed by Google, is primarily designed for mobile phone users who are interested in learning programming. This platform allows users to quickly learn JavaScript coding language through interactive games like puzzle solving. Also, the platform keeps track of each lesson, allowing users to practice after learning each concept.

The Grasshopper application is available in both Android and iOS versions. By using it, anyone from anywhere in the world can gather basic knowledge related to coding and prepare themselves for advanced learning. Already, the app has been downloaded more than 5 million times worldwide. 

6. Google Surveys

Google Survey is a business product of Google that is used for market research for business owners. The platform mainly conducts surveys on Internet and smartphone users. Through this platform, marketers can learn about Consumer Behavior and market trends through online surveys on targeted demographics, which helps them to make important business decisions.

On this platform, users design Survey questionnaires by using Multiple Choice and Star Ratings. According to Google Research, Google Survey has 10 million daily users on the online panel and 4 million unique users on the new mobile panel.

Also, content publishers, such as news and entertainment sites, can use Google Surveys as a gateway for their high-quality content to earn revenue. Google pays $10 for each response to those content publishers or third-party sites, in some cases, the price can be even higher.

7. Flutter

Flutter is a free open-source software development kit of Google. Using the app, application developers can easily develop user interfaces for all operating systems, from Android to iOS, Linux, and Mac. This kit has several widgets that allow designers to easily create layouts for different apps by arranging them side by side like a game.

Users can also create customized widgets as needed and merge them with existing widgets. Without even knowing a coding language like Javascript, designers can easily create their demos by implementing their imagination in a short time.

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