The Underdog Story of Ezoic’s Dwayne Lafleur: Failures, Setbacks and Triumph

Story of Ezoic's Dwayne Lafleur

Dwayne Lafleur is the CEO and co-founder of Ezoic, an award-winning company that provides AI-driven technology to publishers and content creators. Under Lafleur’s visionary leadership, Ezoic has grown exponentially into one of the world’s leading ad tech providers.

Early Life and Background

Dwayne Lafleur was born in Long Beach, California. From an early age, he demonstrated strong business understanding and entrepreneurial drive. He pursued his passion by obtaining a degree in Computer Science from a renowned university, laying the foundation for his future career.

Entrepreneurial Ventures

After completing his education, Lafleur immediately embarked on his entrepreneurial journey. He founded several pioneering tech startups, each demonstrating his innate talent for innovation and solving complex problems. 

These early business ventures provided invaluable learning experiences and shaped his visionary leadership approach.

In October 1999, Lafleur launched his first company, Cubics – the world’s first social ad network designed for Facebook. With remarkable foresight, Lafleur created Cubics years before Facebook developed its own built-in advertising system. 

He saw the potential of social media marketing long before it went mainstream. Eight years after its founding, Cubics was acquired by Adknowledge in November 2007, highlighting the impact of Lafleur’s innovative early company.

Lafleur has always been skilled at identifying untapped opportunities and creating companies to capitalize on them. His entrepreneurial drive and appetite for challenge pushed him towards ever-more ambitious ventures.

Ezoic: A Visionary Tech Startup

In 2010, Dwayne Lafleur co-founded Ezoic, a technology company that specializes in helping website owners improve user experiences and revenue through artificial intelligence. Ezoic’s innovative platform optimizes website layouts, content, and ad placements, enabling publishers to achieve better results. 

Ezoic has developed into a top AI platform for websites and online publishers to monetize content with display adverts under Lafleur’s direction.

About 35,000+ domains are hosted by Ezoic, a Google Certified Publishing Partner that makes it easier for advertisers and their partners to install, optimize, and test their advertising. They also provide smart tools and features that improve site speed, SEO, and other areas.

Growth and Success Period

After surviving those early struggles, Ezoic began a period of tremendous growth and success from 2015 onwards. Some key achievements included:

Revenue Growth: Ezoic achieved over 50% year-over-year revenue growth for several years consecutively.

Product Expansion: Added numerous new products beyond the core ad optimization platform:

  • Ezoic Analytics
  • Content Intelligence Features
  • Testing Platform
  • Premium Network Access

Industry Recognition: Ezoic won numerous awards, including:

  • The Business Intelligence Group awarded Ezoic, the AI-driven platform for digital publishers, its Sales and Marketing Technology Award (Sammy) for Ezoic’s Ad Tester Product in the 2022 Sales and Marketing Technology Awards program, also known as The Sammys. 
  • Appeared on the Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Companies for 5 straight years.

As Ezoic’s installed base grew into thousands of sites, the performance gains for publishers became even more profound thanks to the network effects of Ezoic’s collective data pool. Publishers saw average increases of 2-3x in ad revenue.

Leadership Principles

Behind Ezoic’s rise, much credit is owed to Dwayne Lafleur’s leadership approach of combining ruthless drive with human compassion. Some principles he lives by:

  • Insatiable Ambition: Lafleur sets hugely ambitious visions that disrupt stagnant categories. Outworking the competition is core to his DNA.
  • First Principles Thinking: Approaches problems by boiling down complex issues to root cause fundamentals. This sparks conceptual breakthroughs.
  • Talent Empowerment: Gives exceptional team members the license & support to operate independently and maximize strengths. Avoids micromanagement.
  • Authentic Connections: Makes genuine emotional connections with people from all backgrounds. This helps inspire loyalty and peak performance.
  • Balanced Perspective: Understands that work can’t dominate life completely. Makes time for family, spirituality, and fun. This keeps him grounded.

The Future of Ezoic

As Ezoic’s CEO, Dwayne Lafleur continues to drive the company forward. With an eye on the future, he is determined to lead Ezoic to even greater heights. The company’s focus on user experience, data-driven decision-making, and AI-powered solutions positions it well for continued growth and innovation.


Dwayne Lafleur’s leadership journey from a small town in Louisiana to the helm of Ezoic is an inspiring story of dedication, innovation, and adaptability. 

His ability to build a thriving tech company, adapt to industry changes, and focus on customer-centricity has made him a respected figure in the technology and digital publishing sectors. 

As Ezoic continues to evolve and thrive under his leadership, Dwayne Lafleur’s story serves as a reminder that true leadership is a journey filled with challenges, growth, and the unwavering pursuit of excellence.

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